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#1 2005-01-30 10:47:39

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internet and permissions

i just created a normal user for myself and for another person.
With kppp as a normal user it wont allow me to select the automatic option under DNS i need that or it won't connect.
i also have a fat file-system on another harddrive how would i beable to not allow someone access (i dont trust other people with any files on that drive)

thanks  smile


#2 2005-01-30 11:16:34

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Re: internet and permissions

oh the days of dial up .... i dont miss them
get hold of your isp they should give you dns #
they should have it on theyre website  if not try
diffrent isp lots of them offer some support for linux

as far as someone having permission to a particular
drive heres what i do

/dev/hda7    /home/USER/FAT   vfat    defaults,noatime,uid=1000   0 0
take notice where i have it mounted


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