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#1 2005-02-01 10:48:57

From: italy
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anyone use links after the last PKGBUILD release?
I tryed but there is a lib missing ..

[furester@filemazio ~]$ links
links: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and in fact I don't install the sdl package yet ..
so I installed that package and it finally runs!

But links -g doesn't run because I doesn't enabled fb in kernel, this package seems to be full of functionality more or less unusefull (for me)..

[furester@filemazio ~]$ links -g
Could not initialize any graphics driver. Tried the following drivers:
Could not get VT mode.
[furester@filemazio ~]$

In my opinion the [url=]
PKGBUILD[/url] is not correct because if one wants use links -g must have the libSDL installed but this library isn't sign as dependency .. At the same time someone that doeesn't want gui in links prefers a package without  --enable-graphics flag activated ..
so we need two packages?

any suggestion?


#2 2005-02-02 14:54:04

From: Bulgaria
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Re: links

I have the same problem. I want links (text only), but i don't want SDL, because it's depends on xserver, which I don't want on my server.

# pacman -S sdl

Targets: freetype1-1.3.1-2 fontconfig-2.2.3-1 xorg-11R6.8.1-1 sdl-1.2.8-1

Total Package Size:   51.0 MB

Maybe there is really need two packages ot links ?!? One with, and one without graphics.


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