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Re: How do Archers play their music?

Typically, I put a vinyl record on the turntable, turn on the pre-amp and amplifier, start the turntable and then gently lower the stylus on to the platter.

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Re: How do Archers play their music?

lpr1 wrote:

Clementine is a good player, it doesn't really lack anything compared to best Windows based players, plus it's FOSS. But, you didn't name one of the best players = "Quod Libet", try it, I don't think you will regret it, for me, it is the best player.

Ok, thanks for the advice for "Quod Libet".

Today I started using Audacious. I think it's a great looking program. With all the features I mentioned above for Foobar.
Audacious seems a perfect replacement for Foobar so I might not try "Quod Libet".

It's not that I am looking for a discussion. Clementine does not really do it for me because it stops playing after a few pauses (play button does not work anymore).
This was the case on Ubuntu and now on Arch (with a new GPU and a new CPU and a fresh Arch install on a new SSD). 

Sorry I came in a little too loud. I spoke too soon and based on just 2 small bad luck cases.

Great day!


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Re: How do Archers play their music?

I like my music spiced with news. That is why I wrote a script that takes news from news podcasts. The script plays these news and music from my favorite mp3 playlists. That is why I use mpg123 a lot. And ffmpeg to trim news broadcasts. Have a look at my github page.


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