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#1 2005-02-13 12:47:43

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confused about ATI radeon drivers

I have an old ATI radeon M card in my laptop and i am confused about if i should try the separate drivers?  I know xorg just included better ATI  drivers and ATI annouced they were opening their source (?) anyone knwo what is going on?


#2 2005-02-13 20:34:47

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Re: confused about ATI radeon drivers

:? Hi dibblewrecker, I'm having the same problem, same laptop.
     I used the ATI RADEON generic in xorg, don't know if it's
     working properly or not.
     I had widget installed on the c610 for about 6 months, worked
      fine. I just finished  formatting and reinstalling, using the same
      disc(widget). I then did a pacman -Syu  before downloading
      xorg and kde. I'm now running wombat. I used hwd -s to get
      the info to use in xorgconfig, and copied the info from
      xorg.conf.hwd to xorg.conf.
      What's bothering me is I have to use 1024 x 768 screen
      resolution instead of 800 x 600, which I prefer. If I try to
      change it to 800 x 600 the screen goes ka-flueey. I can't
      shutdown properly and have to kill the system with the
      off button.
      I also just did the same procedure on a IBM t-23 and it
      worked fine. I'm typing this from the c610, so it seems to be
      working, but I think something is still not right.
      Anybody know what is going on??? -- Thanks -- Larry


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