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pm-suspend: as normal user without changing sudoers and wake-up issue

I'd like to be able to suspend my laptop as a normal user, but I don't want to "break" sudo just to do this. One wiki article (Suspend to RAM) says this:

In fact, only the pm-utils approach can be called without special privileges, see pm-utils#Suspend.2FHibernate as regular user

Linked article from the quote above describes how to make sudo run without asking for password. I wouldn't call that "without special privileges". After all, I can make anything run without special privileges if I edit sudoers in such way.

Is there any proper way to make pm-suspend run as a normal user?

One other thing about pm-suspend... I use netcfg and laptop-mode-tools. After wake-up from pm-suspend my wlan interface is down and hdparm -B value is set to 128. The wiki says that pm-utils is recommend for suspending to RAM because it can handle such things (i.e. restore as much as possible). Is there anything I must configure for this to work? If not, how can I set a custom script to be run after wake-up from pm-suspend?


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Re: pm-suspend: as normal user without changing sudoers and wake-up issue

For example:

Edit: did you adjust the hdparm settings in laptop-mode.conf?

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