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#1 2002-12-11 15:28:23

From: Middle of Canada
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Unoffcial tree update

Just thought i would bring the arch community up to date with the progress on the unofficial tree status.

i have about 93 more packages to ad this evening which i hope to have done by midnight central time today. please let me know of any bugs or oddities.

a couple of notes about a few packages. one of the packages i have put in the unofficial tree is what i named ctrtools2. this is merely one of the beta version of cdrtools 2.0 it is needed to run the xcdroast package i put in the tree. in order to install it you should first remove cdrtools with "pacman -Rd". this way no dependencies will be broken for any of the applications you use cdrtools for. cdrtools2 will work fine for any other application.

uptimed may give you an error on starting the daemon. If this should occur rebuild it locally with the PKGBUILD in the abs tree. it should run fine after this. i have not solved this issue yet.

giftcurs requires gpm (or is it libgpm?) i will fix this dependency issue when i have finished uploading the rest of the packages.

i had some issues with tcdr set up because of its dependence on a "standard" linux setup. i ended out having to edit the executable to get it to work properly. i have not done this for the package in the unofficial tree but i will if any of you have any troubles. to use tcdr you may have to locally rebuild your version of dialog. i recommend upping the version of dialog to the most recent beta version (9bsomething).

before i broke my root /var/lib directory all of these packages worked without issue so much of these comments (except tcdr and cdrtools2) maybe pointless.

finally i have extracted all the packages out of /incoming that were posted to monday if you notice any of your packages are absent please get ahold of me and i will explain why (most commonly i was missing the necessary PKGBUILD or PKGBUILD contents to build locally on my machine). i also have a list of other package requests that i will work on when my current uploading is complete.

cheers and have fun with the new packages.

AKA uknowme

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#2 2002-12-11 19:12:49

From: Victoria, BC, Canada
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Re: Unoffcial tree update

Well done, sarah!    smile

It's good to see the unofficial tree start growing again.


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