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#1 2005-07-28 13:38:39

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subtitles' s software

Somebody knows how can i do for merging a movie ( in .avi format and divx codec) with a subtitle ( .srt,.sub etc...) ?

My dvd box doesn't have support for subtitles and i would like to see my favourites movies in its original language #linux #archlinux-es


#2 2005-07-28 15:40:30

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Re: subtitles' s software

You should twiddle with mencoder (it's a part of mplayer package). Executing 'mencoder sourcefile -o destfile -oac copy -ovc lavc -sub subfile' could get you somewhere. If not, try with different font switches, as well as experiment with codecs passed to -ovc (I've experimented a bit and it seems subtitles aren't added when video is simply copied). You could also use -vf expand x,y to put the subtitles *beneath* the video, not over it.

Well, it surely needs some twiddling on your side ;-)


#3 2005-07-28 20:23:03

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Re: subtitles' s software

Funny, I was wondering this very thing today.  Then I made the mistake of using avimerge before adding subtitles.  And figured I could no longer use the subtitles meant for the original seperate discs.  Plus all the single disc subtitles I found were annoyingly behind what was happening.  So I ended up deleting it.

Good to know this is here for next time though.


#4 2005-07-29 09:07:03

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Re: subtitles' s software

About subtitles and avi files:
there's a piece of software called ksubtile to do such things (synchronize subtitles). I had some problems with it though (I can't remember which version I was using - it was a few months ago) - it did not want to open an avi file. I can see the package has not been updated since January so I'm sure it is the one I was using, there are no updates in forums, mailing lists etc - I'm afraid it is dead.
SubTimer looks interesting but it does not have video preview, only voice, haven't checked it though.
I wish guys from Urusoft ported SubtitleWorkshop to Linux - it's the Photoshop of subtitle editors ;-)
It's difficult to admit but I have to keep one pc with xp for such tasks.



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