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Re: UEFI & Asus Aptio laptop

Please continue at as this occurs with Archboot  and better to discuss there than here.


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Re: UEFI & Asus Aptio laptop


I posted the relevant info to the thread as you requested. Just so we are on the same page, this is not an issue with a cd/dvd or usb, I am booting from the hard drive on my laptop. I am under the assumption that my issue has to do with the 8 Gib memory/grub2 bug. Please correct me if I misunderstood!

I am assuming as of now to get a working laptop I will have to use another bootloader?

@rat THANKS for taking the time to help with this issue, it has been a learning experience for me!
If you can think of anything else please let me know.


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Re: UEFI & Asus Aptio laptop

Note that I have 8G of RAM and this does not seem to cause a problem in my case. Is the version of grub2 you get if you install via archboot different from the one you get if you use the standard live media and do the grub2 installation manually?

Qn.: do you know if anybody has a recent version of Ubuntu running on the laptop you have? I only ask because that was the way I figured out the quirk I needed to adapt for for my machine. ('quirk' = 'bug' - the UEFI BIOS on this machine doesn't obey the spec.) This was not a particularly subtle or intelligent way to figure out the issue but it did have the advantage of working even if it made no sense why.

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