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Re: Xorg 1.12 : no problem so far :)

On KVM here, similar issue as reported above for VMware:
Segfault loading vgahw as a submodule of fbdev

Workaround by manually forcing the driver to vesa in a xorg.conf.d file.


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Re: Xorg 1.12 : no problem so far :)

Cdh wrote:

One problem is that in wine games the mouse is very jumpy again, makes skyrim unplayable, warcraft is visibly affected, but doesn't affect gameplay. I have not tested much with downgrading, so maybe people can just tell whether their games still work well in wine?
Not sure if it's wine's fault or new xorg/evdev driver/?? (synaptics touchpad also has the problem. Not sure what's going on, but could be related)...

Same here, in my case mouselook in Dragon age is screwed up. I tried downgrading wine, xf86-input-keyboard, mesa, linux and other packages, but it didn't help. I'd try to downgrade the whole xorg-server, but I don't know which packages exactly to downgrade.


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Re: Xorg 1.12 : no problem so far :)

There's a patch for wine that makes it work. It relied on functionality that changed in 1.12


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Re: Xorg 1.12 : no problem so far :)

Good to know it's already fixed in upstream xorg, Thanks.

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