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Linux-libre kernel + b43 wifi driver

I decided to try the linux-libre kernel from AUR, and I ran into an issue with the b43 driver. My card is supported by the b43 driver, I have been using it without any issues on the vanilla kernel, but the linux-libre kernel hiccups with the firmware.

When I try to do something with my wifi card under linux-libre, it complains that it can't find "b43-open/unicode15.fw". I decided to copy said file from "/lib/firmware/b43/" to "/lib/firmware/b43-open/", but it complained that the firmware was proprietary. After doing a bit of research on Google, I came across several pages that I needed to use b43-tools and the openfwwf firmware. This combination gives me a 'unicode5.fw', not a 'unicode15.fw' (note that one is a 5, and the other is a 15, linux-libre asks for 15). I decided to try to copy it over anyway, without changing the name, and removed the proprietary file (unicode15.fw) from "/lib/firmware/b43-open/", but it went back to asking for "b43-open/unicode15.fw".

I did unload/reload the b43 driver after each firmware file move (modprobe -rv b43 && sleep 5 && modprobe -v b43). What I did not try was renaming 'unicode5.fw' to 'unicode15.fw', I didn't think that made any sense to try, since obviously they could be quite different and might cause problems.

I have not been able to find any other suggestions on Google, so if anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.

BTW, here's the lspci entry for my card (again, it works fine under vanilla kernel) (hopefully this forum supports code blocks, I don't see any buttons for it):

02:00.0 Network Controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)

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Re: Linux-libre kernel + b43 wifi driver

You have a Broadcom card of core_rev 15 and you would need a ucode15.asm to build ucode15.fw binary. Unfortunately, it seems openfwwf project has been able to reverse engineer just revision 5 of these cards (ucode5.asm).

Please note s/unicode/ucode. ucode = microcode. Unicode doesn't make sense in this context.


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