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#1 2012-03-22 23:29:55

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Solution for Bluetooth not working Dell Wireless 1702 / Atheros AR9285

I have installed ArchLinux on my new Dell Vostro 3350 laptop with GNOME 3 and have discovered that Bluetooth is not working.
Although the Bluetooth menu showed BT was activated, the BT settings showed it was deactivated, everything greyed out.
Turns out that this seems to be a bug that the BT driver could not be loaded properly or something like that.

Anyway, after some research I stumbled upon this launchpad discussion … bug/714862 and from there tried to solve the issue.

Please keep in mind that this is a complete quick & dirty solution and probably the experienced users reading this will cry wink

First install dkms: pacman -S dkms
and add it to rc.conf
Download this file from the above linked discussion: … .3_all.deb
Extract the deb file: ar xv ar3011-dkms_1.1ryu2.3_all.deb
Navigate to the extracted directory /data/usr/src/ar3011-1.1ryu2.3/
and execute: make install

after reboot, it looks like Bluetooth is working!

I guess this should be an AUR package but unfortunately I have zero experience.

I hope this helps someone and I welcome any comments!



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Re: Solution for Bluetooth not working Dell Wireless 1702 / Atheros AR9285

A little update, please keep in mind that I have no idea what I'm doing, I guess you could call it learning by doing wink

When I started my laptop this morning, I discovered that Bluetooth was no longer working.
After blindly trying different things, I think that Bluetooth only works if I boot Windows (dual boot) and then restart into Arch. Also the laptop doesn't wake up after suspend anymore. My theory is that maybe somehow Windows "activates" the Bluetooth and therefore Arch is able to correctly identify it and load the correct drivers. By suspending the laptop the BT (along with everything else) gets deactivated and can not correctly be activated again (just like when booting directly into Arch).
The error when it doesn't work is the usual timed out error after executing 'hciconfig hci0 up'. Also I have a hci0 and a dell-bluetooth device now, and I don't really know where that's coming from.

Furthermore, the way I installed the driver was probably very stupid. Either I think the manual 'make install' was not correct and/or dkms is not really necessary then, because 'dkms install /path/to/source' says it is already installed. Anyway, with both methods it does not work all the time, as I said maybe only after having booted into Windows.

Any comments much appreciated smile


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