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#1 2012-04-18 19:17:00

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[SOLVED]How to patch a kernel using PKGBUILD

Hello guys,

Sorry if my question looks stupid but I'm trying to compile my first kernel following this wiki page and I wonder how to apply a patchset...

The patchset to apply is the ck one and I've downloaded the patch file from … .3-ck1.bz2 and placed the patch itself at the root of my PKGBUILD folder.

At my first attempt to run makepkg, I could see several 'found xxx.patch' (the other patches which were already in the abs tree) but not my ck patch.

After taking a look in my PKGBUILD file I modified the source instruction as follow to include my pach:

        " … pkgver}.xz"
        # the main kernel config files
        'config' 'config.x86_64'
        # standard config files for mkinitcpio ramdisk

Now when I run makepkg, it founds my patch but right after I get  a md5 cheksum error:

  -> Found config
  -> Found config.x86_64
  -> Found linux-custom.preset
  -> Found fix-acerhdf-1810T-bios.patch
  -> Found change-default-console-loglevel.patch
  -> Found i915-fix-ghost-tv-output.patch
  -> Found ext4-options.patch
  -> Found patch-3.3-ck1
==> ERROR: Integrity checks (md5) differ in size from the source array.
[sclarckone@archLaptop linux]$ 

I could disable the checksum in makepkg.conf but maybe I'm doing it wrong so I'd like to know the clean way to do it ;-)

Thanks for your help.

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#2 2012-04-18 19:33:31

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Re: [SOLVED]How to patch a kernel using PKGBUILD

Add the md5sum of the ck patch to the md5sums=() section in your PKGBUILD.



#3 2012-04-18 19:41:44

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Re: [SOLVED]How to patch a kernel using PKGBUILD

Thanks! I didn't notice there were as many md5 sums as files in the source section, it's working now.


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Re: [SOLVED]How to patch a kernel using PKGBUILD

makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD will do this automatically for ya.  FYI, there is a linux-ck package in the AUR you can use as a model if you wish.

CPU-optimized Linux-ck packages @ Repo-ck  • AUR packagesZsh and other configs


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