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Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

I would like to create an Arch linux that is similar to ChromeOS. I want a super fast boot to a login manager that authenticates your Google account, just like Chromeos. I have used chromiumos and like it very much, however, there are many issues due to lack of hardware support. Is there a way to accomplish this with Arch? I assume you would install a base arch system and somehow use google's source for their packages, but I am not an expert in that area. What are your thoughts? Please keep in mind, I do not want a simple KIOSK, I want it to look and act just like ChromiumOS.



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Re: Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

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Re: Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

What "lack of hardware support" do you mean?  It's my understanding that image releases of ChromiumOS are intended for developers, and that end-users are supposed to buy Chromebooks if they're interested in using ChromeOS.  If that's so, it raises questions you'll want to answer before even thinking about this:

- What languages and APIs are you going to have to deal with?
- How much of the login and desktop interfaces are you going to have to rewrite?
- What legal issues surround licensing, etc?
- Just how much original code goes into making ChromeOS what it is--an entity distinct from other Linux distributions? (ANSWER: Probably a shit-ton, since I think the OS core and interface are tightly integrated, which could well be the reason for poor hardware support on other platforms.)
- How, exactly, is using Arch as a base going to solve hardware compatability?

I have to admit that I don't have answers to these questions, but I assure you that this would take much more than merely installing the base-group packages and glueing Google's source to a base Arch system.  I'm not saying it isn't worth a shot; just that this isn't a project you can merely take on by yourself over the summer break.  It took the Chrome/Chromium developers years to get things to where they are now.


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Re: Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

Those are good questions/thoughts. Maybe using arch as a base for a ChromiumOS is not the best way to go. I am not a developer, nor do I play one on TV. I suppose I could just build on the existing ChromiumOS Source and add to it the drivers I need, but it just seems the Hexxeh builds mostly do not work for me. either the touchpad doesnt work, the wireless doesnt work, or flash is missing, etc. (I try both Vanilla and Lime builds.) I just thought arch was more stable and alot easier to customize.

I do not know anything about the licenses, but I thought ChromiumOS was open source. I am just looking to have a nice fast booting browser only OS, which ChromiumOS does fit well, just not stable. I do not want to buy a chromebook, as I have plenty of laptops already to use it on.

I do appreciate any/all feedback....


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Re: Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

I know is late for this one--- but there's a CHROMEOS package in the AUR, it does what you were looking for.  Run Chrome OS on the top of arch,


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Re: Arch linux version of a chromium OS?

I think that is a nice ending to this thread. Thanks, Gryaniy.


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