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GTK wiki - A way to set themes for GTK2 and GTK3 in XFCE


I think I have something to add to the GTK page of the Arch wiki but I wanted to confirm if this works for others or if I just found an exception to the rule.  Anways, I was trying to figure out why some of my apps on XFCE were looking different than others and I came too the GTK page to find the section explaining that XFCE tries to use the same theme for both GTK 2 & 3 which causes errors if the theme you use isn't for both.

Since I could not find a theme that I liked a lot that worked for both, I tried to manually fix the issue.  The way I did so was by simply making a new directory in the themes folder and copying all the files from the GTK 3 theme I liked and then replacing the gtk-2.0 folder with the folder of the theme for GTK2 that I liked.  This seems to be working flawlessly so I was wondering if I should add it to the wiki in the section that mentions the few themes that work for both GTK 2 & 3.

I wasn't sure if the GTK wiki should have more XFCE specific information added or if this would be more appropriate in the XFCE wiki but I was thinking that since there is already mention of the problem and a potential solution on the GTK page, it might make sense to add it there.

Can anyone confirm that this works for them as well or does anyone have objections to the addition to the GTK wiki?

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Re: GTK wiki - A way to set themes for GTK2 and GTK3 in XFCE

I am not that familiar with this bug because I do not use xfce. But I would say adding it as a tip or similar on the xfce page would be the better place to put it as opposed to the gtk wiki.


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