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Re: Does anybody really remember number munchers?

so like, back in december or so, me and my friends were very fondly reminiscing about these old computer games we used to have back in elementary school.  believe it or not, on my windows desktop, there's the number munchers executable.  i went around the internet trying to find all these old games.  i remember it as a dos game though.  oregon trail was a good one too.  someone said you'd always pick the banker, but i'd always pick the hunter. because all we'd ever do was hunt buffalo and such.  ah good times. "you shot 230 lbs of meat, you can only carry 20".

other classics were secret island of dr.quandary and treasure mountain.  i found dr.quandary on the internet to. i don't know where though. no one's probably heard of it either. it's a really good game though. still really hard for me on the hardest mode  :?


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Re: Does anybody really remember number munchers?

oh Gezz how i like treasure mountain favorite game to play when I was in 1 or 2 grade Now in 9th lol

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