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#1 2012-06-14 09:31:21

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nohup with notification


I often use nohup cmd & to start long running processes (fluid simulations). Is there a way to be notified when these processes have finished either using nohup or some similiar tool?

My idea is that a jabber xmpp message is sent to me containing the last x lines of output and the return code.

Anybody knows something like that? Anybody interested? Shouldn't be too hard to implement..


#2 2012-06-15 14:32:54

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Re: nohup with notification

Use screen or tmux instead, and just recheck the session?,

otherwise, you could check if the fluid-stuff makes some sort of log of it's actions,
and make a script - grep or redirect it to something that can mail, send, or show it somehwere you notice, perhaps.

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Re: nohup with notification

Here is some crazy testcode, but it works: Write some lines to stdout, sleep 5 seconds, write another line, read last 2 lines, save to VAR, finally show the content of VAR with notify-send. No output is generated in the terminal

(VAR=`(echo -n "1\n2\n3\n4\n5\n6" ; sleep 5 ; echo -n "\n7") | tail -n 2` ; notify-send "$VAR") >/dev/null 2>/dev/null </dev/null & ; disown

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