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Re: ArchPPC, a new beta installer

I couldn't get cryptsetup to run properly once I had partitions the disks.  But I still need to read a bit more, and gather more info about this.  Or are there know issues? (please not I do have experience doing this in arch on other architectures, it's not a PICNIC)

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Re: ArchPPC, a new beta installer

I flagged the linux-api-headers package on the ArchPPC repositories website.  In the mean time, how can I compile it my self?  And then how can I get it to install that one package locally while installing the others from the server?

EDIT: I realize now that linux-api-headers isn't actually a binary package (hence the "headers" part of the name)?  I also realize that the live cd itself has a more up to date version.  How can I copy the version on the live cd over to the new install?

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Re: ArchPPC, a new beta installer

After installing and mkinitcpio from chroot after adding pata_macio and sd_mod to find my root partition I get the error

<4> caused by (from srr=149030)

and boot slowly dies after that. It is a powerbook g4 (I think is titanium, how to be sure?) Anything I can do to fix this?

Also to get pacman working from the install script I edited the line in /arch/install in the pacman_prepare function to add "SigLevel = Never" to the /etc/pacman.conf. Worked like a charm from there

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