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mysql-proxy bazaar needs libtool 1.5.x (not higher) to compile

Hi, I understand that technically this isn't the most fitting place to solve this but I really don't think the other sub forums would do better. So, here goes: 
I am currently looking towards a mysql-proxy installation for a server formation I'm setting up and was thinking of maybe compiling my own version from the launchpad development repo in an attempt to be able to easily make packages and update the servers, given also that the only existing package is in aur atm and that one is a bugfix late atm and last updated two years ago. Looking through the installation notes it is pointed out that I will need libtool 1.5.x and not newer. A pacman query shows me that I'm quite a bit ahead of the version (2.4.2). So? what gives? 
BTW, trying to compile with the current library fails, at least for me. 
So, any ideas or help would be appreciated.

[UPDATE]: Ok, apparently the program compiled fine for root duh..... Anyway, I still have to check out if it will fail during use considering that it isn't compiled to specs.. Also who is the aur user PtitFox? the user search function of the forums doesn't return any results and I have no idea of how to get details on him through aur.

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