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Troubleshooting for Installagion/Beginners Guide

I find that some people are having trouble with the new installation process (e.g. '/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot). I find that one of the issues was that one made the wrong order on mounting and directory creation and - while obvious - could need a little help on fixing those errors as the message don't even point in the right direction.

So here's my suggestion: Add a troubleshooting section or extra page for the installation process. We expand it over time as soon as see some errors appear often. Causes of the error and the best solution will be listed on this page, any user will look at this before posting in the forum (or at least should) and can avoid posts on errors that repeat.

Before I just start with a new wiki page, I'd like to hear your opinion. If you think this is a good idea here is my appraoch: Create the page, fill it with the first information (I have one issue in mind so far) and then mention it at at least one important section in the guides so people know it exists. What do you think?



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Re: Troubleshooting for Installagion/Beginners Guide

Those having trouble should search for solutions. If they don't/won't/can't, they're not going to enjoy using Arch, and the community isn't going to enjoy having them.

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Re: Troubleshooting for Installagion/Beginners Guide

I am happy to see you taking an interest in the documentation. Having said that, I'd rather see common problems used to improve the actual Guide (if there is something that many people have problems with, we should try to fix the Guide).

For example, if you think the Guide isn't clear enough about the mount order, we should clarify it in the Guide, rather than in a separate troubleshooting section.

If you have another issue in mind, perhaps the Guide could be improved to solve that issue as well.

ngoonee is also right -- we will never be able to make the guide cover everything, and people need to learn how to solve problems by doing some research.

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