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#1 2012-08-18 22:26:03

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Pandora desktop client perpetually loading?

As the subject says, just installed the pandora desktop client. It seems to run fine until I try to play a station, at which point it simply hangs (looks like its loading).

Is there an obvious fix here? (Missing package maybe?)



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Re: Pandora desktop client perpetually loading?


I don't necessarily have a fix for you, but have you checked out pianobar?  It's a console-based pandora client that seems to work just fine (most of the time, until pandora updates something...then you have to wait a few days).


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Re: Pandora desktop client perpetually loading?

I have the same issue. I'm running arch 3.4.8 x86_64 with openbox-multihead. also, I have noticed that the only required dependency for pandora in AUR is adobe-air-sdk. after insalling, openbox gives an error saying adobe-air not found. installing adobe-air (outdated) from AUR produces the same behavior as the original post.
everything works fine on a fresh install on my laptop (i686)
I remember back before pandora showed up in AUR, i found a long, tedious post on how to install air apps. I also remember this working for both architectures. Alas, I can't find this anymore. Anyone know what I am talking about?

EDIT: Ok, I fixed it!

$ pacman -S lib32-{libpulse, libcanberra-pulse} 

as I said above, i had to install adobe-air-sdk, adobe-air, and pandora from AUR.

EDIT: There seems to be more too it than this. While pandora works with the above fix, it disables other apps (like thunderbird) from playing sound. To fix this, carefully read the Pulseaudio archwiki. Pay special attention to the part about using 32bit apps on 64bit platforms, and install the appropriate packages. … figuration

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