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#1 2012-08-29 05:24:21

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Suggestion for UEFI based installs

Dear all,
Going through the Beginners install guide, I realized that the partitioning section mentions that for UEFI based systems, a UEFI partition needs to be installed.
However, there's something I'd like to share. I hope it can be changed if required. I'd be happy to help.

1)  The sequence of making the UEFI partition. Should it be made first (beginning), followed by other system partitions?
2)  The UEFI section says that "boot" flag needs to be set for this partition, which is fine. However, the Install guide says that the root partition needs to be set "bootable". Is there any potential conflict?
3)  When mounting the system partitions, the /boot/efi directory needs to be mounted to the UEFI system partition in order to install GRUB. This is mentioned in the GRUB UEFI install guide, not in the Beginners' Guide.

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Re: Suggestion for UEFI based installs

1) It is common for it to be on the beginning of the drive, but it doesn't really matter. Boot flag is doing all the magic.
2) Root shouldn't be flaged bootable. Anyways, there is no way you are booting from anything on the drive but the EFI partition.
3) It should be there and you can add it yourself.


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