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[SOLVED] GLIBC_2.16 not found - Pacman broken

Hi all,
I did a packman -Syu yesterday and following instructions relative to glib errors I also performed it by excluding glibc.

This resulting in the problem that now I have old GLIBC ( so I don't have simlink of lib).
After rebooting my system was unable to boot anymore, I did a chroot and a mkinitcpio -p linux and now I can boot the system.

The main problem is that I can't use pacman and a lot of stuff (samba service, firefox, and so on) due to this error:

 pacman: /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.16' not found (required by /lib/ 

Before opening this new thread I did a lot of searching and I tried I think almost all solutions I've found.

I already tried to use pacman cache for replacing libs, I already tried to downgrade curl...

Any help is very very very appreciated, It's a workstation I'm using for CFD computation in my lab and I'm totally blocked!!! (I mean, CFD works at least big_smile )

Thanks in advance, guys.


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Re: [SOLVED] GLIBC_2.16 not found - Pacman broken … iki:usrlib

Try this from a chroot : pacman -U … pkg.tar.xz

If that fails, try extracting the 2.16.0-1 tarball to /  (and don't forget to reinstall glibc after you've solved the problem) .

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Re: [SOLVED] GLIBC_2.16 not found - Pacman broken

Thank you, SOLVED.


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