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get input of another X server


is there a possibility that an application running on the first X server (Display :0) receives the input of a second Xserver (Display :1)?
I am used to start my fullscreen games on another X server so i can toggle between desktop and game using ctrl+alt+fx

But when I use mumble I would like to to start it on first X server and use it from second X server, too.
(What I want is basically be able use the meta key for 'push to talk' and voice input.)

Thanks for suggestions and ideas.

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Re: get input of another X server

You can set up a window manager that displays your game as fullscreen, but still grabs keyboard input for special keys. A special key could for example be your 'waving flag' key.
This key can then be bound to call any command you want.It needs to be a commandline program, because keyboard/mouse controlled programs can not be controlled that way.
So first you have to find out how to control 'mumble' from the commandline.
Usually it is not possible to control two programs that need mouse and keyboard action at the same time, either one or the other has the focus.
Apart from that i wonder if it is possible to 'just keep it running' in the background and record everything.

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Re: get input of another X server

What you want is certainly possible - even if what you ask may not be.  You are asking about multiple X servers, but that is not the situation you describe.  You have multiple displays running on different ttys on one single x server.  All the events, messages, and client communications are going through the same x server. (edit: on second thought this might not actually be true - but you certainly *could* run it this way - a single x server is designed to be able to run many displays).

This means it is definitely possible - but no window manager I know of is made to communicate with second instances of itself on another display - so short of writing your own WM to handle something like this it would not be practicle.  (As an aside, this wouldn't be too hard to add to an existing WM if you know what you're doing, but it'd still be a roundabout solution considering the following point).  Why, though, do you want the game and other apps running on separate x displays?  Can't you just run them on different desktops/workspaces?

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