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Yaourt just install it

When I install an application using yaourt he wants me to do 'yes', and 'no' everytime he installs anything (for changing the pakagebuild and stuff). Is there a way how I can turn this off?


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Re: Yaourt just install it

You could try reading the yaourt man page...

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Re: Yaourt just install it

There's a reason you shouldn't blindly install stuff from the AUR.
yaourt has a man page you should read. If you did and you can't get it to work, tell us what options are you passing and what's the output.


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Re: Yaourt just install it

karol wrote:

If you did and you can't get it to work...

If he did and can't get it to work the bugreport should go to yaourt.

Assuming of course that the reason IS a bug and not comprehension. In which case he should probably not be using yaourt.

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