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Undiagonosed issue needs help

Hello. I will try my best to explain the issue i am having, as i don't completely understand whats going on.

My mouse freezes a lot. The touchpad is unusable, so I bought a usb mouse and even that one messes up sometimes. Also, I occasionally encounter a system freeze that can only be undone through manual reboot. Iv tried to update but have encountered issues there to. These issues have been pretty new, as iv been using arch linux for a while now and only recently came to have these problems. any assistance would be appreciated. thanks in advanced.


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Re: Undiagonosed issue needs help

It might be difficult since your problems are somewhat vague, but could you change your topic title to something more descriptive? Even "Mouse/touchpad and system freezes" would be better than the current title.

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Re: Undiagonosed issue needs help

After you have retitled your thread, please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

You will help others in their attempt to assist you if you provide specific information about your setup and your issue.

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Re: Undiagonosed issue needs help

While it's captured by the above - a specific example of what you can give is actual output or error messages from the updates in which you have "encountered issues".

The mouse/touchpad problems do not likely produce any (obvious) error messages, so it's not unreasonable for those to be a bit more cryptic - but the update attempts definitely produce output ... share it.

The mouse/touchpad problems may leave some useful information in dmesg logs - particularly right after you connect the mouse.

Are you using synaptics?

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Re: Undiagonosed issue needs help

You might also tell us whether you are using Gnome, KDE, xfce4, Openbox, etc...

Have you looked at the cpu usage with htop?
Have you looked for I/O bottlenecks with iotop?
Is there any chance you are out of memory and are swapping to disk?
Is there any chance your disk is encountering I/O errors; sometimes that causes huge delays.

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How to Ask Questions the Smart Way


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