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Re: [solved] Question regarding stock kernel dependancy in a package

And yet that's how it's done now:

/usr/lib/modules/3.5.6-1-ARCH # ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     24 Oct  7 12:39 extramodules -> ../extramodules-3.5-ARCH/

pacman -Qo shows:

/usr/lib/modules/3.5.6-1-ARCH/extramodules is owned by linux 3.5.6-1

You're right that it's all or nothing, but the way Arch sets up the system, it's "all".

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Re: [solved] Question regarding stock kernel dependancy in a package

ngoonee wrote:

The modules are not kernel specific.

On the contrary, they very much are. Even without CONFIG_MODVERSIONS, you'll get an -EINVAL trying to init_module() a module for another kernel. CONFIG_MODVERSIONS provides some additional protection against this (look at the "vermagic" string for any module in the output of modinfo).

Scimmia wrote:

In this case, though, it would be a matter of a single missing symlink, assuming the kernel package in question doesn't create it.

No, you can't just make this symlink into your own module tree and expect things to work. You really need to compile these modules against your own kernel.

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