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update-alternatives in archlinux


There is a mesa packages libegl and libgles, that provides useful development pieces like EGL/egl.h, GLES2/gl2.h and libs like /usr/lib/, /usr/lib/ and nvidia-trimslice package (in archlinuxarm, but its not a point)

nvidia-trimslice provides binary drivers from nvidia and libs for hardware acceleration GLES  /usr/lib/, /usr/lib/

Names are same, but I cant set libgles and libegl as conflicts or replases in nvidia-trimslice PKGBUILD cause EGL/egl.h, GLES2/gl2.h and other header files provided by them need to build GLES-driven apps

Ubuntu and debian provides update-alternatives mechanism so nvidia libs placed in /usr/lib/nvidia-tegra, mesa libs in /usr/lib/mesa-gles and symlinks in /etc/ for this libdirs replaces each other, so you can select which lib you prefer for GLES and headers provided by mesa used in both cases.

How can I get it all together worked in archlinux way?

Split libegl and libgles  to libegl-devel and libgles-devel and library packages looks reasonable, but is this okey - to ask maintainer about it?

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Re: update-alternatives in archlinux

You don't have to ask permission to make your own packages/edit existing packages. If you feel that what you're proposing would benefit a wide number of people, then consider making a feature request on the bug tracker for the package(s) in question, so that the package maintainers will see it.

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