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emacs contamination

Ok, I'll totally admit that I'm an old, slightly past prime, grey neckbeard... but one that's done a deep dive off the deep end into VMM... that's the Virtual Memory Manager for you young whipper snappers... so get off my lawn.

Got my Arch system into a strange situation here tonight in a state of inebriation and performed a "ps -ef" to see what was still cycling, when I ran across this:

someone    32361     1  0 22:28 ?        00:00:00 /usr/lib/GConf/gconfd-2


What is something related to Gnome doing running on my box?????  I'm enough of an old skool old fart, that no DEs of any are kind allowed.

So let's get rid of this abomination. Fire up kill, pkill, killall as root... with a SIGKILL thrown in.


You are not allowed to kill the son of satan. It simply smiles at your attempts to assume control.

So gone, be gone, ye that bring a pox upon me...

# pacman -Rs gconf
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: emacs: requires gconf

...along with others.

Good god man. In the name that all is holy, why oh why is emacs entangled with the abomination that is Gnome in Arch Linux?

Have you no shame????

Do you simply not know how to config emacs with the "--without-gconf" parameter?

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Re: emacs contamination

chuckle... so are you saying that I haven't noticed since 2010?


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Re: emacs contamination

Moving to Applications and Whatever.

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