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[Solved] upowerd stops working?

I'm using KDE as my DE...

This autumn the same thing has happened at least twice now, maybe three times: after some updates upowerd stops working and KDE doesn't handle that too well, starting KDM and getting to the desktop takes >10 minutes (until a timeout, I guess?) because upowerd keeps segfaulting in the background. None of the KDE apps seem to handle it too well either, starting them takes at least >30 seconds, Dolphin starts in a minute or so and so on...

Anyone have any idea how to fix it, is it because upowerd can't handle some upgraded packages or what? I can't really use KDE as is and it seems like at least Gnome uses it as well, maybe even XFCE, so I can't even change DE's. Openbox is running fine for now, however.

Last time this happened 2 months ago and I ended up reinstalling because I couldn't figure out anything that fixes it. Obviously I've tried removing ~/.kde4 but that doesn't do anything (no wonder, it's upowerd crashing).

My dmesg is filled with these if I start KDM:

[  690.623315] traps: upowerd[592] trap int3 ip:7f345e3a0a47 sp:7fff6a083990 error:0
[  740.681949] traps: upowerd[626] trap int3 ip:7f29e1c41a47 sp:7fff87ccb5b0 error:0
[  765.704576] traps: upowerd[634] trap int3 ip:7f954aac1a47 sp:7fff9221a4b0 error:0

Too bad I'm not a programmer because this calls for a debugger or whatever...

Solved, see: … 1#p1187271

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