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#1 2012-11-06 08:48:04

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[systemd] rc.d-style output when starting/stopping daemons

Hi everyone,

since polkit is deprecated by Arch Linux and many packages depends on systemd-logind instead, I have to switch to systemd. But I really miss rc.d-style output! Just like this:

# rc.d restart foobar
:: Stopping foobar...             [ DONE ]
:: Starting foobar...             [ DONE ]

netcfg also uses this "Arch style":

# netcfg -r foobar
:: foobar down                    [ DONE ] 
:: foobar up                      [ DONE ]

Removing 'quiet' from kernel parameters will output simliar messages on boot. But when I log into X and run 'sudo systemctl restart foobar.service' or other commands in a Terminal Emulator, I cannot see any output. Neither the pretty 'Arch style' output nor normal 'ugly' black-and-white outputs.

I tried to modify /etc/systemd/system.conf, making:


..., and reboot the system. But I still cannot get output when running  'sudo systemctl restart foobar.service'.

Can anyone help me getting back rc.d-style / Arch style output when starting/stopping daemons with systemctl? I really miss them!

BTW, I've tried 'sudo systemctl restart' with dnsmasq.service, httpd.service, mysqld.service, etc. None of them outputs...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [systemd] rc.d-style output when starting/stopping daemons

I think it only outputs a message on failure.

Or you could try:

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Re: [systemd] rc.d-style output when starting/stopping daemons

Thanks! That's a lifesaver!


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