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From: philly
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Systemd experience, or "Of Mice and Mounts"

I cutover to systemd.  Here are my experiences, for better or for worse.  Maybe it will help someone. 

The wiki's systemd migration page is very good!  I followed it, yet ran into a few problems outside the scope of the page.  I should add here that I want to run in a mixed initscripts/systemd environment fo ease my migration, as the wiki suggests.  My system is a home server, and for external access I run only ssh.

Mounts -- Systemd hung trying to mount all my drives according to /etc/fstab, especially my ipod. 
I changed most of them to "noauto" then I was ok.

Mouse woudn't work under X windows.
Looks like it was enumerated as /dev/input/mice not /dev/input/mouse0 as before.  Added "mice" as a section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and then it was fine.

Netcfg under systemd renamed my two ethernet interfaces from wan and house to wan0 and house0. 
Ok, this wasn't a problem, but it's not what I expected.

Cups wouldn't start. 
I googled and found someone else on the net had this same problem; he replaced the cupsd.socket file and it worked for him.  It also worked for me.

Postgrey wouldn't start.  It turns out that the postgrey.service file ignores the POSTGREY_ADDR variable in /etc/conf.d/postgrey, so it wasn't starting on the socket which I wanted it to, but on a hard-coded port number.  Oh well. 
So as I had done for cups, I cloned the default postgrey.service tile in /usr/lib/systemd/system to /etc/systemd/system, and removed the hardcoded port.  Also had to "reenable" the service to make it pick up the new service file.  Now it picks up /etc/conf.d/postgrey as I think it should.

SSH -- I have it running on a port other than the default. 
Again, I cloned the sshd.socket file, changed the port, restarted it, and now it's ok.

Samba is started as a legacy service.  Others are too, probably, like dhcp4.  I suppose I'll have to eventually change the legacy samba service into smbd and nmbd like the old days.

Laptop -- Cutover to systemd on it too.  Had a few problems like these above, but that's ancient history now (last week!)  What I do like is that the power management functions work better now.  It doesn't always wake up well from sleeping, but I suppose I'll figure that out someday too.

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Re: Systemd experience, or "Of Mice and Mounts"

Is there a topic here?

This seems like it should go to your blog not on the forums.

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