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Linux compatible wireless multifunction printer

Hi all,
I'm a new Arch Linux user and I can proudly say that I'm satisfied with this distro... and you should be proud too since I'm a Gentoo user tongue I'm using Arch on my new work laptop and it worked perfectly from the start... well, almost perfectly since my touchpad isn't working, but I'll fix that in the next months since I don't need it right now.

Now I need to buy a wireless multifunction printer for work and I need one which is not expensive (100-150€ tops) and works perfectly with Linux. I don't need special features or high ppm: I just need a color inkjet to mainly print/scan/copy documents, with working printing and scanning features on Linux (preferably Arch and/or Gentoo, since I use them both). What printers would you suggest?

I saw a Lexmark Genesis S815 at an affordable price for which Lexmark supplies drivers on its website, but I can't find if they only support printing or even scanning. Anybody knows it?
NOTE: the drivers are .rpm and .deb, which I don't know if are easy to install with Arch since I'm new to this distro.

Thanks in advance for your answers!



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Re: Linux compatible wireless multifunction printer

We discourage product recommendation requests

In generic terms, HP wireless printers / multifunction devices are well supported.

I'll leave this open for now, but if it turns into a series of specific machines and personal reviews, a moderator will likely close it.

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Re: Linux compatible wireless multifunction printer

I use an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, and it works fabulously.  It took a couple downloads to realize that I needed the hplip drivers though, as the one that is included with gutenprint doesn't seem to work quite right (couldn't get the two-sided function to work properly but maybe that was just me).


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