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Re: [SOLVED][lxde][lxdm]No "Shutdown" buttons after removing consolekit

I am having this problem also I have tried e17, lxde, xfce with the login managers slim, lxdm and gdm. I did a fresh install with a recent arch install disk. The last time I had this problem I added consolekit to initab with slim. How does systemd handle policy's? I am now to the conclusion that it is not the desktops I am using, but the communication of policy between Arch and the DE.

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Re: [SOLVED][lxde][lxdm]No "Shutdown" buttons after removing consolekit

Please do not cross post.

Closed. Binned.

Unclosed.  Un-binned.   I must have been confused this morning.  I thought this was a new thread -- somehow I missed the first two paged of posts.

My sincere apologies.    Moving to Applications and Desktop Environments.

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