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Grub install after rsync system backup (SOLVED)

I'm pleased I'd done a full system backup to a sperate partition with rsync … with_rsync as something went wrong with my install, I'd like to work out why and how to fix that later, but first.

Q1 ) It seems the auto generated grub.cfg dosn't pick up the UUID's correctly, I can boot by replacing them with /dev/sd?? etc, but I'm wondering what else in addition to the /etc/fstab needs to be updated when you move the system to a different partition so that grub will pick up the UUID's ?


I've only been using arch for a week or so, read lots of docs, so sorry if this has been covered somewhere that I've missed
I've  fixed the fstab's in all my partitions with correct UUID's and everything seems to be ok when I run grub-mkconfig, sorry to wast time of others.

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