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Motorola photon Q with Arch

Hey guys, Here is a phone I have been thinking about purchasing: … LTE_id7253

I would really like to flash Arch on it to use as a "portable terminal" of sorts. I really liked the physical keyboard of this guy, along with a few other features. Outside of the fact that I need to get a 32GiB microSD for it, I cannot see any reason why the phone would not support Arch.

I have never done this before and would like to ask a few questions about it:
1. With the system specs, will the phone run arch decently well?
2. Which packages are necessary to get the touch-screen to work?
3. What would my projected battery-life be like (Much less than the standard andriod, or about equal to it). I intend to only call upon the X server when absolutely necessary to keep the battery-life somewhat long.
4. I already have a phone and like it well-enough. Would you guys recommend doing this?



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Re: Motorola photon Q with Arch

Leios wrote:

I cannot see any reason why the phone would not support Arch.

it has Qualcomm MSM8960 ARM processor. arch only support i686/AMD64 archs

EDIT: well, there is archlinuxARM, you should probably ask on their forums:

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