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[Solved] Taking over a project

Tried searching for the proper way to do this but I think my Google-fu is failing me today.

I would like to take over 2 projects on AUR that have not been touched since there initial upload over a year ago and of course severely out of date at this point. I posted in the comments and also emailed the uploader and "current" maintainer, to no avail.

The packages I would like to take over are: perl-io-socket-socks & perl-lwp-protocol-socks

Should I just upload my updated versions under a new name? I did notice there was a rule to avoid doing that though.

Thanks for any info or help on the proper steps and apologies if I missed where this is already discussed.


Thanks guys for your quick response. Will wait out the 2 weeks then post to the list. Thanks for the great links. smile

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Re: [Solved] Taking over a project

Take a look at this article  The link points to the Other Requests paragraph.

In summary, if it is orphaned, you can just adopt it.
If it seems to be abandoned, you must contact the owner by email with a request to update it or disown it.  If they do not respond after (I think) two weeks, you must post to the AUR mail list stating the issue, that you had tried to contact the owner by email, and that there was no response.  At that point, a TU may cause the package to be disowned and you can then adopt it.

DO NOT just update a old package under a new name.  DO post patches or links to your files in the comments section of the exiting package AUR page.

Edit: Fixed link

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Re: [Solved] Taking over a project

Disownment requests and removal requests go to the aur-general mailing list for TUs and other users to decide upon.

Since the mailing list is the official communication channel for the AUR, I would generally post there.


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