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What are the LVM2 modules?

I just installed Arch on a Macbook Pro 13" (Early 2011), and I installed the /root, /boot, and /var partitions on an LVM2 partition (/home was placed on a separate partition so that Mac OS X could get to it)

I followed all the instructions in the wiki, and eventually got a setup which worked. However, the LVM sections concern me.
My mkinitcpio.conf is now configured thus (I'm omitting all the comments and other lines) (Yes, I rebuilt after editing):


HOOKS="base udev lvm2 autodetect sata filesystems usbinput fsck timestamp"

My concern is that I had to place lvm2 before autodetect for it to work. As in, I have to load all LVM2 modules, and autodetect can't do it for me, for the system to find my volume groups (otherwise, I get a 'No volume groups found' error).

Why is this? Isn't dm_mod the only module I need to load? Is there a list of the modules I can load someone on the internet for me to browse through?

Also, an extra question - what's the difference between dm-mod and dm_mod? In the wiki, it tells me to use 'dm-mod' when I'm using the command 'modprobe', but for the mkinitcpio.conf file, it tells me to use 'dm_mod' instead.

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Re: What are the LVM2 modules?

Varies per install, since you might not be using a given feature of lvm. add 'break=postmount' to your kernel cmdline and look at the output of lsmod. Those are the modules you're using.


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Re: What are the LVM2 modules?

There's no difference between dm-mod and dm_mod for modprobe...

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