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Aesthetic Question re: Applicaitons Menu Extension for [Gnome 3.6]

There's a really neat for those of you have like app menu's or have used gnome since the good ol' days.  Most of you probably already know of it. … ions-menu/

I've used it for a while and recently the little gnome foot logo turned into an Arch logo.  I happen to like this very much and am wondering if it's a feature that the author of the extension had in mind for us or if it's something that I did on my end not knowingly.

It'd be cool if someone who doesn't have this extension installed would quickly check if by installing it they have a foot or an arch logo - or better yet if someone just told me how to do it.  I'd love to mimick this in the future and have the neat o arch logo.

Here's a direct link to what it looks like: … 212060.png

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