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finding leftovers from windows applications ran through wine

Hi, I just found a bunch of .desktop files for basically everything I ever installed/tested through wine in ~/.local/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications/wine.
Now I have three questions:
1) Where else does wine put files when I install/run something through wine?
2) What's the best way to find and get rid of these useless files stored outside the wineprefix?
3) Is there a way to have wine not create these useless .desktop files (and whatever other useless junk it may put anywhere else)? I don't use kde or gnome, so these files are completely useless for me. (solved: have wine not create .desktop files)

I don't think this is important, but this is what I do when I use wine: I always create a wineprefix, then run winefcg in that prefix, set "../drive_c" and "/tmp" to be the only drives mapped, then I goto the tab desktop integration and unlink the "folders". After that I install the windows application in that prefix.

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Re: finding leftovers from windows applications ran through wine

There is a guide to removing leftovers on the wine website's FAQ.

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