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Nouveau and Nouveau-dri with GTX580, working ?

Hello everyone,

a few days ago i reinstalled Arch on my gaming PC which is also a server, here's the technical specs :

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe,
INTEL Core i3,
16GB of RAM,
2x GTX580 (board supports SLI which works fine both in Windows and in Arch using the proprietary Nvidia driver)

i tried to use nouveau and nouveau-dri, however the desktop was freezing (but everything else was ok, i could still ssh into the computer) every few seconds so it was unusable, i quiclky installed nvidia (proprietary driver) so the computer is usable again since it's also a web server and i can't spend hours trying to fix the problem and leaving the website offline...

i'm gonna try again in a week or two, but did anyone else try the nouveau driver (and nouveau-dri) with a GTX580 ? and two of them ? (i don't care if SLI is not supported, i'm fine with only one card working, but i need it to work even if the 2nd card is installed) and if you tried it, did it work and do you have any tips/tricks so i don't loose time trying to fix something that's currently unfixable (until the nouveau developers fix it) ?

Thanks and have a nice day.


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