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Pulseaudio randomly changes output port/volume

This is my problem: Pulseaudio changes the output ports at random, the options under "Port:" are "Analoge Ausgabe" ("analog output") and "Analoge Kopfhörer" ("analog headphones"), I don't know why these still show in German although I launched pavucontrol with "LC_ALL=C". Here is a screenshot of the relevant section in pavucontrol:
These options do not change the output, except there is some percent of volume difference, which creates choppy sound when it switches them in quick (under one second) intervals. It doesn't do this at low volumes (like those in the screenshot) but at higher ones (about 70% and up).
I think there are two possible solutions:
1) Tell Pulseaudio I don't want it to mess with my port settings, or
2) delete/hide one of the ports so it can't even get to switching them.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to do either, so please help me.

Thanks in advance,


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