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Streaming media files to Google TV

I finally received my projector, AV receiver and my new set of 5.1 speakers. I'm going to connect my Logitech Google TV to the receiver. However, I'm having hard time figuring out how I can stream my movies, pictures and most importantly listen to my music collection from my desktop.

I'm thinking about installing minidlna server on my computer for streaming my media files to my Logitech Google TV and hopefully I can find an app in Google play that can play my 1080p content.

For audio, currently I'm using mpd server. I use my Android phone and Nexus 7 as a remote control to play music on my computer speakers using MPDroid. From now on I want to play my music on my new speakers that are connected to AV receiver and Google TV. My AV receiver has no ethernet and wifi. Also, I don't want to turn a TV or projector just to play music.

Any idea how I can use my Nexus 7 as the remote control to select, play/pause and to do other operations on my music with my Google TV and Yamaha RX 373 AV receiver?

Thanks in advance


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