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Black screen on starting X in Virtualbox guest

Hi Arch Linux,

I am running Arch linux as a Virtualbox 4.2.6 guest with a Windows 7 host. I have virtualbox-guest-utils 4.2.6-1 installed.

When I run "startx" or "xinit" my screen goes black and freezes up. The VM seems totally unresponsive, I can't even switch to other virtual consoles with ctrl+alt+f2,f3 etc. I have to reset or use the ACPI shutdown command from the virtualbox menu. Even the ACPI shutdown seems to be a hard shutdown, as if the kernel or systemd has stopped responding (the VM closes with no messages in well less than a second). Sometimes after this power cycle, I get spammed by a repeating message from systemd when I boot that says it failed to start the journal service, though this may be unrelated. Here is my /var/log/Xorg.0.log if it helps:

Can anyone help?



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Re: Black screen on starting X in Virtualbox guest

what window manager do you have?
What's in your .xinitrc and .bash_profile?

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Re: Black screen on starting X in Virtualbox guest

In the Beginners' Guide, right after Testing X, there's a Troubleshooting section, and it says there to look out for lines that start with (EE) or (WW).

[    38.633] (EE) Failed to load module "vesa" (module does not exist, 0)

I think you need to install the generic vesa driver,  else there's nothing to fall back to: … deo_driver

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Re: Black screen on starting X in Virtualbox guest


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