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Ethernet not working.

I am installing Arch for the first time, followed the beginers guide and when i finally got my system set up the ethernet adapter doesn't appear to be working.  there is no eth0, but there is a nice fancy little enp7s0, which is definetly the ethernet adapter (there is only one network adapter on my computer).  i checked the logs and the kernel module is being loaded for my ethernet adapter.  the funny part is that it was working just fine before i installed it.  now if this question has already been asked then i will be thrilled to have this closed, if not, i sure need some help.

On second note, i'm not sure who's bright idea it was to make a linux command a captcha question


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Re: Ethernet not working.

Welcome to the boards.

There is a stickied thread in Networking explaining the change to systemd that impacts network device names (and how to change them, should you wish to).

The captcha was put in after we were overrun by spammers; it has proved singularly effective so it was, in fact, a very good idea.

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Re: Ethernet not working.

First bring up your interface:

 ip link set dev enp7s0 up 

Then when it is up run Dhcp to pull an IP from the server:

 dhcpcd enp7s0 

That should get you connected.


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