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Network configuration issues.

Installed Arch yesterday with some difficulty as i am pretty much a newbie to this distro.
It pretty much installed great with the help of 'wiki', with a Desktop environment to get me settled,  I just encountered an issue with my wireless configuration.

1.My output from "lspci | grep -i net"  is "Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)"
2.As i have read this is definitely a supported wireless network card, however i understand for 'broadcom' network devices' a different method of installation is required for the b43 drivers, and i cannot seem to find any information that works for arch explaining how to get these drivers.

Could somebody please advise me or send me a link highlighting which information is specific to my network interface and on installing my b43 drivers for my wireless card.
It would be very appreciated as I cannot keep using a wired connection forever and this issue is extremely annoying.
Sorry if the solution is simple and I'm just being a bit thick, as i said I'm a noob to Arch Linux and Linux in general for that matter.

Thanx in advance!

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Re: Network configuration issues.

Read the "Broadcom Wireless" wiki page.


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Re: Network configuration issues.

Thanx for the link, however i already have been on that page and everything i try seems to throw a variety of errors.
Could you simply provide me with the commands to begin downloading and to install the firmware/drivers for b43 ?
as this process is beginning to become insufferable and is the only thing preventing me from having a fully functional Arch distro.



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Re: Network configuration issues.

Since you haven't shown us what you've tried or what errors you've got, how can anybody do anything except repeat what is on the wiki? Since you say you've tried everything there, that presumably won't help. If you really want to get help, you need to post the information people need to help you. Just telling us you've tried "everything" and got "a variety of errors" is not much to go on.

Remember that we cannot see your computer. We are entirely dependent on your description of the situation. So the help you get can only be as good as the information you provide.

Please see the links in my signature for help in asking questions.

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Re: Network configuration issues.

I binned your other thread. Do not cross-post.

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Re: Network configuration issues.

Install the firmware.  Like it says in the wiki.

Thanx for the link, however i already have been on that page and everything i try seems to throw a variety of errors.

Care to be specific?  Stating 'variety' is almost completely, but not entirely unlike helpful.

s/ i / I /g

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