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State of Widi Support (for Dell XPS 12)?

I'm interesting in getting a Dell XPS 12 and installing Arch on it. The screen connects using Widi, so without Arch's support for that it's a no-go. Unfortunately there is very little information on the hardware's linux support. I've done some Googling and found a video of an XPS 12 running Ubuntu, but it's in Italian so I don't know if it worked out-of-the-box or required finagling (nor do I know how much of the capability will transfer to Arch).

The wiki only has a page for the XPS 15 and mentions that Widi doesn't work, but that was last updated in October. I couldn't find any mention of the XPS 12 in the "Laptops which run Arch" thread.

If the Widi support is there, I'm also curious about Arch's support for the XPS 12's multi-touch screen though that's not a deal-breaker like Widi.

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