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xterm do not show utf-8 char with font Inconsolata

I'm trying to use Inconsolata font in xterm

xterm*faceName: Inconsolata

but it is not show utf-8 chars

like this file … 8-demo.txt

just like this picture

how to let xterm show these chars?


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Re: xterm do not show utf-8 char with font Inconsolata

Inconsolata is an xft font.

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Re: xterm do not show utf-8 char with font Inconsolata

Xterm is my favorite terminal emulator.

Boxes instead of characters in xterm usually mean the font does not contain the glyphs (characters).  Not counting bold and italic font faces, xterm doesn't allow more than two fonts, one for the normal font and one for the double-wide character (CJK) font.  The best you can do with xterm, if you want to see many of the characters, is to choose fonts with a wide range included.

My default fonts for xterm:

xterm*VT100*cjk_width:  true
xterm*VT100*faceName:  DejaVu Sans Mono:style=Book:size=8:antialias=false
xterm*VT100*faceNameDoublesize:  WenQuanYi Bitmap Song:style=Regular:size=8

Urxvt is better for the test text because you can create a ladder of fonts.  If the first selection does not have the character, the next font is tried:

URxvt*font:  xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:style=Book:size=8, \
             xft:Droid Sans Fallback:style=Regular, \
             xft:Droid Sans Japanese:style=Regular, \

I have not got around to the fine tuning of Urxvt.  I am not too fond of the Droid fonts, but they do serve well as fallback fonts.


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