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Re: arch / debian performance differences

the sad clown wrote:

I don't know the ease of use argument, but I do know you can compile whatever you want with any package using the ABS and makepkg.

I've used ABS and while it's an 'okay' system. Its very primative in features. It kinda just does the minimal it can. I'm not even sure if ABS does dependancy resolution that well. But I do <3 the ports-like way of ABS. My gosh if Arch could only invest a little more into it! Maybe add the AUR packages to the ABS tree! Also, ABS will install the package by souce BUT it will grab and install the binary dependancies and install them, not the source. A BIG issue with me. Yes, you might be able to install all the packages you need in source one by one if you know the dependancies upfront, but if thats the case might as well be using slackware or LFS for what its worth.


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