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Thinkpad backlight control

I have a Lenovo T530 with nvidia graphics (using nouveau driver) and recently (can't recall exactly when), my backlight controls stopped functioning.

I have entries in /sys/class/backlight (right now it's "thinkpad_screen") with a brightness setting.  The reported range is 0-7.  Setting values to it changes the value, but not the brightness of the screen.

I tried adding "acpi_backlight=vendor" to my kernel line, which just changed the module from acpi_video0 to thinkpad_screen.  I still couldn't change the backlight.  I changed acpi_osi to Linux, but that didn't change anything either.

Adding a file to modprobe.d with "options thinkpad_acpi brightness_enable=1" didn't change anything either.

In all situations, xbacklight reports "No outputs have backlight property"

I'm not sure what changed, but I can't change my backlight anymore and all of the common solutions to this for thinkpads don't seem to work.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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Re: Thinkpad backlight control

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