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Recover files from an external HDD

Hi all!

Today, I made one of the silliest mistakes I ever made.

While trying to create a Live USB on my Pendrive, I accidentally used dd if=image.iso of=blabla/sdb (my external HDD) instead of sdc (the actual directory of my pendrive), so I lost everything in my external HDD and of course, got replaced by the Manjaro image I was trying to burn into the USB stick.

I tried with TestDisk, but couldn't find anything.

At this point, I'm 90% sure that my data is lost because dd is really good at it, but maybe one of you has a different experience.

Anything I can do to retrieve my files? sad



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Re: Recover files from an external HDD

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Re: Recover files from an external HDD

Not sure if it would work but you could try ddrescue

I've only heard about it and never tried it, but might do the job.


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